The easier and most effective way to run a management system.
Spend your time to important issues.

The easier and most effective way
to run a management system.
Spend your time
to important issues.


was set up in 2002.

We have always been an independent company out of financial or industrial clusters focus on audits of management systems. For that We implemented Management Systems based on the ISO standards about:

  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Risk Prevention
  • Processes
  • And in general in everything susceptible to be regulated in accordance with that criteria.

 res-novae major strategic goal is to convert information knowledge into added value, providing excellence customers service. We encourage intensive teamwork collaboration with our customers because just under long-term relations coherent results could be achieved.

res-novae´s  business model is based on:

  • A professional and experimented human team focus on added value process.
  • Management Systems integrated in the culture of the company avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • Flexible and efficient software solutions.
  • Consolidated financial position for a solid growth.
  • Collaborating with special interest groups.
  • Providing excellence customer services and high value products.

Thus res-novae brings experience and know-how to your company in order to:


Improve competitiveness

Control risks

Anticipating customer needs


res-novae offers to his customers the following services:


  •  yesISO software solutions
  • ISO management and control systems implementation and monitoring
  • Environmental management system Audits
  • Quality systems Audits
  • In-company training
  • We have collaborate with AENOR from 2002 providing training to outside companies about applicable environmental regulations, risk and ISO standards.


res-novae pone a su disposición de sus clientes los siguientes servicios:


  • Solución informática yesISO
  • Diseño, desarrollo e implantación de Sistemas de Gestión conforme ISO
  • Auditorias de cumplimiento legal en medio ambiente
  • Auditoria de sistemas de gestión
  • Formación in company
  • Colaboramos con AENOR desde el año 2002 en la elaboración e impartición de formación a empresas externas sobre legislación ambiental, riesgos, normas ISO


yesISO is res-novae “core-business”

yesISO is a support software for ISO management and control systems implementation and monitoring.

Integration on a simple way of different Management Systems standards in several company areas and process.





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